Welcome! I’m Dana Kowalewski, “The Maximizer,” and the founder of 360 Growth Coach. I help dynamic people maximize their time and energy to consistently create freedom to live the life of their dreams. This is for the BOLD and BRAVE!

My ultimate goal is helping my clients live the best life possible. I’m a Life & Mindset Coach who firmly believes that every person deserves to live an amazingly authentic and happy life - 10/10 in business, life purpose, relationships, sex, health, and inner love. 

I chose “360 Growth Coach” for two reasons. First, we take a global, holistic assessment of your life. Typically you have a 360 degree view of something from the top of a tall building. From the top we see clearly what is happening. When you’re on the street, or in the thick of it, the traffic and chaos is overwhelming. It prevents you from seeing the big picture.

The second meaning behind 360 is that your entire life will be affected because you will become more of who you are. You will explore and expand the amazing soul you already are, and learn to work with the pieces of you that cause distress. Our work together creates a positive ripple effect in your career/business, your relationships, and your health.

My coaching services are for highly motivated individuals who are ready for consistent support.

My clients are typically successful in their chosen profession or business, but struggle with feeling completely happy. They are intelligent and hard working, seeking a solution to their disconnection. My clients are BOLD and BRAVE souls who want to be the BEST version of themselves!

They question why they feel a void when they are blessed with what most people consider a “good life.”

This disconnection manifests in a variety of ways: relationship difficulties, career dissatisfaction, procrastination, business disruptions, weight and health issues, substance and process addictions, and an overall feeling of incompleteness or dissatisfaction in life. Something is missing.

Most people think that they shouldn't want more from life if they have financial stability, material things and even a "good" family. Yet inner peace and understanding eludes them, and YOU don't want to be that way.

There is nothing wrong with wanting more connection and authenticity. In fact, it's your birthright. There is more to life than what you’re experiencing. You can be more of who you are.  

To get clarity on your goals and the right option for you, schedule a FREE 60 Minute Phone Consultation.

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